Champions Simultan
Viswanathan Anand Anatoli Karpov Garri Kasparov Viktor Korchnoi Vladimir Kramnik Ruslan Ponomariov Boris Spasski Veselin Topalov
On Saturday, 22 August 2009, eight world-class chess players will face 200 amateurs in simultaneous games – one game for every year of the Schachgesellschaft Zürich! In the history of chess, every one of those eight players has been immortalized as a as "World Chess Champion":
Viswanathan Anand: FIDE World Chess Champion 2000-2002 and reigning World Chess Champion since 2007.
Anatoly Karpov:

Garry Kasparov
Viktor Korchnoi
World Chess Champion 1975-1985 and FIDE World Chess Champion 1993-1999.
World Chess Champion 1985-2000.
Vice World Chess Champion 1978-1985 and World Senior Chess Champion 2006-2007.
Vladimir Kramnik:
Boris Spassky:
Ruslan Ponomariov:
Veselin Topalov:
World Chess Champion 2000-2007.
World Chess Champion 1969-1972.
FIDE World Chess Champion 2002-2004.
FIDE World Chess Champion 2005-2006
By devising renowned strategic concepts and sophisticated combinations, these eight players contributed significantly to world chess over the last 50 years. Indeed, no chess textbook is complete without mention of their genius and inspiration to other players. And at the jubilee, each of them will be taking on 25 amateurs simultaneously! That these opponents are keen to outsmart a world chess champion sets optimal conditions for riveting games! The spacious central hall of Zurich Main Station will make a noble backdrop to this event, which many chess lovers will attend. But unable to be there in person? No need to miss the Champions Simultan: The exciting champion versus amateurs match can be watched all over the world – via live internet broadcast!
Registration for the Champions Simultan is now closed. The event's winners will be announced in due course.
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