Welcome to The Schachgesellschaft Zürich's Jubilee! (1809 - 2009)

Founded in 1809, the Schachgesellschaft Zürich is the oldest chess club in the world, and is celebrating its 200th anniversary this year with a whole programme of jubilee events. Whether you are a chess professional, hobby player or just interested in chess, if you are from Zurich, from Switzerland or from any other place around the globe – we offer you the opportunity to take part of our jubilee. Three main events in the Kongresshaus Zurich and in the Zurich Main Station take centre stage. None less than the world's strongest chess players of the last 50 years will honour us with their visit – among others, Boris Spassky, Garry Kasparov and the reigning world chess champion, Viswanathan Anand, will be participating. Visit the website below for the full overview of our jubilee. We cordially invite you to celebrate the 200 year–celebration of the Schachgesellschaft Zürich with us!

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