The Jubilee Book

Richard Forster Richard Forster, who was born in 1975, is an International Master. His chess biography "Amos Burn", published in 2004, received critical acclaim all over the world. His new 576-page work, "Schachgesellschaft Zürich. 1809 bis 2009" required several years' meticulous research. He recounts two centuries of chess in Zurich and, more generally, in Switzerland, whilst focussing on the milestones in the history of the Zurich Chess Club. In addition to containing many games, the book is illustrated with numerous pictures and charts.

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(Since 2011 there is a short version of the Jubelee Book available also in English:
Richard Forster: «The Zurich Chess Club, 1809-2009»)

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Find an excerpt of Richard Forster's jubilee book here.

Series of articles on the Schachgesellschaft Zürich's history
Part I (1809-1914)
Part II (1914-1945)
Part III (1945-1961)
Part IV (1975-to the present)

Reviews (german language only):
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«Vom weltweit ältesten Schachverein»
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Stefan Zollinger: «Ein gelungenes Werk von Richard Forster»
Landbote, 19.09.2009 Download (pdf)
Courtesy of Der Landbote

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