Registration for Media Representatives

As organisers of the jubilee events, the Schachgesellschaft Zürich reserves the right to decide which media representatives will have access and it can refuse invalid requests.

Jubilee-Open (9 - 15 August 2009), Kongresshaus Zürich

  • There are no specific rules for media representatives.
  • There will be no specific technical infrastructure for media representatives.

Champions Simultan/Champions Rapid (22/23 August 2009), Zurich Main Station

  • Registration of Media Representatives
    Advance Registration: by e-mail to
    Mandatory information: Name of representative, name of media, business address, telephone number, e-mail address, press card (including no.).
    From Saturday, 22 August, 9.30am, you will get a badge at the entrance of the media room, where submission of a valid press card is mandatory.
    Registration: From Saturday, 22 August, 9.30am, at the media room (Zurich Main Station, Restaurant Au Premier, First Floor). Submission of a valid press card is mandatory.
  • Accessible to Media Representatives
    Press Conference (22 August 2009, Hotel Savoy, First Floor, 11-12am)
    Interview Room (Zurich Main Station)
    Stands (Zurich Main Station)
  • The VIP area is not accessible for media representatives.
  • Media representatives will have internet access in a media room. There will be no telephone.

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